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2007年10月29日 (月曜日)

Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy / Mum

Gogosmearthepoisonivy アイスランドのユニットMumの4thアルバム。以前に買った"Finally We Are No One"では様々な場所から音の断片を拾い集めてきて、パズルのように丁寧に並べたようなシンプルながらも味のあるエレクトロニカといった雰囲気でしたが、このアルバムは生のストリングスやギターを使ったカラフルな内容に仕上がっています。




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The culinary Union here in Las Vegas will give an illegal alien a union work card in exchange for $25; then that “worker” can work in casinos which save themselves the money otherwise spent checking the Social Security confirmation. Also – the union card is then accepted for voting as a proof of citizenship. Then the Culinary Union employs hired busses to transport the illegals from one voting precinct to another with pre-filled voting bills – in favor od Democrats, of course. Many of those illegal aliens show as their address the one of the Culinary Union business building.
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